Bittersweet lullabies for the hurting, the creatives, & the delusional romantics

Emerie Jayne sings about the tiniest, most intricate parts of the human condition. She aims to find the core emotions that make us who we are, however ugly or hidden those feelings may be. Singing about those moments and bringing them to the light is her way of acknowledging her inner narrative and inviting others to share theirs. Bittersweet lullabies for the hurting, the creatives, and the delusional romantics – that’s the comfort and release she communicates through her music.

Emerie Jayne draws inspiration from artists like Sara Bareilles, Sammy Rae and the Friends, Laufey, and Lizzy McAlpine – particularly the way they tell captivating stories through their music. “When I perform, I want the audience to feel like they are in a safe space where they can laugh, cry, celebrate, and grieve. Music connects people at their most human level. I want the audience to tangibly feel the thread that links together the souls of strangers.”

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